At present, with the continuous improvement of the national economy, all walks of life in China have shown a good development trend. Today, we will discuss the long-term development of domestic ejector pin and sleeves.

Connector mold parts, core pins and sleeves, tungsten carbide mold parts, precision round parts, etc. can be said to be the leader in the domestic precision mold industry. Among them, domestic core pins and sleeves stand out with the continuous development of the national economy and the changes of the international market. This also laid a good foundation for the long-term development of domestic core pins and sleeves die punch .

From the perspective of processing methods, domestic core pins and sleeves have been transformed from the basic processing methods of the past to the rapid mold components manufacturing technology, which not only greatly shortens the part manufacturing cycle but also saves the cost to some extent.

From the technical point of view, the development of electronic technology at this stage has also greatly promoted the development of precision core pins and sleeves machining. The development and popularization of computers, CAD, laser technology, etc. have promoted the long-term development of domestic core pins and sleeves and the development of new technologies.

Nowadays, the domestic mold industry has taken shape. The development of the core pins and sleeves industry not only captures the pace of the international mold industry, but also plays an indispensable role in the advancement of the domestic mold industry.

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