The profile grinding is the way of cutting the workpiece precisely with the abrasive tool as the cutting tool. Compared with other cutting methods, profile grinding has many unique features. What are the main features of profile grinding? Next, we will talk about the main features of profile grinding in mechanical processing.


1.The number of abrasive particles in the process of grinding is very much during the grinding process.


2.The abrasive particles that play the role of cutting have special properties.
(1)The abrasive particles used for cutting tools have very high hardness, so they can successfully cut the plastic mold spare parts with high hardness.
(2)The abrasive grains have good thermal stability and will not lose their cutting ability at high temperature.
(3)The abrasive grains have a certain brittleness and can be fractured under the action of grinding force so as to form new sharp cutting edges.
(4)The shape of the abrasive cutting edge is irregular and the abrasive grains are ge negative front angle.

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3.The penetration depth of single abrasive particles is very small.
4.The cutting speed of the abrasive particles is very high.
5.The grinding has self sharpening effect.
6.Large specific grinding energy.


The above is the main features of profile grinding in mechanical processing.Yize imported two sets of Waida profile grinder from Japan on 2010, it ensures precision of 0.002mm. Surface treatment such as TIN,TIC,TICN and TIALN are generally offered on request.If you have any questions, you can always consult us.




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